Jack White and the White Stripes visit Edie Hats.

For the almost 20 years that Edie Hats has been on Granville Island, we’ve had the honor of being regarded as one of Vancouver’s Best Landmarks. We have a cherished community of local and worldwide customers/Edie Hats lovers. Many of our “customer family” grew up with the store, having been brought here since they were babies. Now, they are bringing their own.

People also “discover” us, and every day we welcome new people into our special world. Some of the people who discover us are famous. Because I am the way I am, and happily consumed with creating a magical world, I often don’t have a clue with the happenings in the outside world. Famous people come in, and I don’t know who they are until my crew fills me in. They “know” more about many things, each having their own experience they bring to Edie hats, and connections with the world outside. They keep me posted – (especially on what’s “cool”) and together we get a lot covered!

Jack and some of his crew

So, when Jack White of the White Stripes and his crew came into the store last month, at first I thought “How cool, a bunch of people dressed only in black and red…” They looked absolutely awesome – and they were really pleasant. They loved the store and knew exactly what they liked (how fun!). It’s a joy and very satisfying for me to find hats for people such as these, because they so “get” hat wearing as a powerful language. They go directly to the hats that are my favourites: the “Classics”. It challenges me at what I do best. If I have what they want, then I’ve done my job right.

The White Stripes Playing Live

Next, I noticed the film camera and photographer filming him shopping, and I realized – AHHH…very FAMOUS nice person and his crew. Then I looked at the expressions on the faces of my crew, and I realized “AHHH – a very, very COOL and talented famous person.”

I was then informed that he was Jack White, and the White Stripes were performing that night…half my staff were going to the concert.

What was even more awesome were the hats he picked.

Jack White wearing one of our classic fedoras. 

The black fedora he bought is our most popular fedora on an on-going basis, a classic that every one with a real “hat wardrobe” owns. Next, he bought an Akubra “Sydney” that was hand shaped by our own David Yang, and was the exact style that was previously purchased by another celebrity, Elvis Costello.

Jack White

The basque beret he bought for Meg White had just arrived from Spain from Antonio Garcia (a store I do business with in Seville that carries the best available). Then, a couture dress hat he picked for his wife, model Karen Elson, was one designed especially for the production “Cafe de Chinitas” that we had hosted in our store. Lastly, the red and black feather whimsey is again one of the classic pieces we carry as a basic for hat wearers.

Meg wearing her new basque beret.

He then did us the honor of mentioning on stage at the concert, his shopping excursion that afternoon, and they all wore the hats, complete with baguette accessories – (which I have to tell you, is a very cool touch. The hat expert in me was much impressed.)

The White Stripes in action. Meg in her beret, bought in our store.

 Click here to see the video:


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