The Car Club.

In 1973 I went to an open air Leonard Cohen concert in Wolfville, Nova Scotia Wolfville, Nova Scotia. That night we had planned on sleeping in the local cemetery – after all, it was 1973! But as we began to bed down, a young woman happened by and, horrified at the thought of us sleeping outside in a graveyard, she took us home. We made fast friends with Dorothy and her husband Joel, and over the next few days they treated us to the hospitality the Maritimes is so famous for. Joel worked at the post office, but his passion was Vintage cars. His garage was full of the ones he was working on, in various states of assembly and disrepair. He drove us around the area showing us the sights; Blomadon, Kentville, Hall’s Harbour and the Bay of Fundy… (home of famously huge tides, where my parents would later buy a rum-runner’s cottage).

At one house along the way we stopped to visit a friend of his. And there, in the backyard, sat a beautiful maroon car. It was a Jag, a ’52 or ’53, with gorgeous brown leather interior aged like spanish boots. The round curves and silver the hood ornament, the dash and wooden trim rolling up over the edge of the doors… I was in love.
A gorgeous Jaguar.

Right then and there, at age sixteen, with no money and no license I began scheming about how I could Get That Car.

I would take a mechanic’s course, learn how to fix it myself. I would get a better job and earn the money – just $2000 – I could DO it!

…Sadly, for all those “roads never traveled” reasons, well, it just never happened. 34 years have passed now, yet here I am, still dreaming of my first love, that magnificent maroon Jag.

So I’ve started the Edie Hats Car Club and I spend afternoons wandering the parking lots here at Granville Island and caressing the Jags I find.

I sell Jaguar perfumes and men’s colognes….

Hell or high water, I will have that car.

It will be mine, oh yes, It will be mine.
I know its not a Jaguar, but its as cute as a bug’s ear.


1 Response to “The Car Club.”

  1. July 9, 2008 at 1:09 am


    I have just bought the Jag of my dreams and I suspect you may be closer to your Jag than you think.

    I discovered two things over the past few weeks. The first is that the gain in our dollar has made used USA owned pre-2006 luxury cars very affordable. A good 2004 XKR sold for $90k new in the US and nearly $130k in Canada. Now the used 2004 Jag is about 30k in Phoenix while Canadian sellars are listing for over 50k. The second is eBay Motors. I bought my Jag from a couple of guys who have sold hundreds of cars with a 100% approval rate from their buyers.

    And that brought me to Edie’s hats – I don’t have enough hair to drive around in a convertible. A very nice young lady (Caitlin B.) was showing me hats and I asked about caps. I put one on and basically looked like a moon-faced refugee from the Bowery Boys (don’t think Caitlin got that reference). Caitlin had the good sense to burst out laughing so I was at ease letting her pick and choose.

    So I’m heading east in my Jag with my sons (one each way) and my hat from Edie’s.

    Hope you find your Jag soon

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